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Na Manaʻo Aloha o Kahoʻolawe (English)

Na Manaʻo Aloha o Kahoʻolawe (English)

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In January 1976, nine kamaʻāina, landed on the island of Kaho’olawe, one of the eight major Hawaiian Islands, which, at the time, had been used for U.S. military target practice since 1941.  

Through this and subsequent landings, public awareness of the hewa (wrong) that was occurring to this island grew quickly, and on January 30, 1977, Walter Ritte and Richard Sawyer of Molokaʻi began a thirty-five-day occupation of the island to protest the bombing and bring pono to the island.  

Na Manaʻo Aloha o Kahoʻolawe provides the reader with background on the events leading up to and including this very important historical event from a first-person perspective, through letters and diaries kept by the two men before, while on Kahoʻolawe, and after their removal from the island. Insights into their daily life on-island are shared along with their motives, actual events occurring around them (on the island) as well as off the island and most importantly, the connections continuing between the ‘aina (land), the ‘akua (gods) and their understandings of this historic movement. It also includes thoughts from George Helm, who was lost at sea off Kahoʻolawe when attempting to find Walter and Richard, as well as other young Hawaiians who had been touched by the island and were also ready to occupy Kahoʻolawe.  

Additionally, crucial, though perhaps not previously known, information is shared which will help today’s audience become more aware of events and occurrences 40+ years ago.  The truth of what occurred is what we seek to pass on to those who come after us.

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